Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Healthy Cupcake...surely not?!

You know those times in the afternoon when you just really want a cake or a biscuit with your freshly brewed cuppa, but your trying to be good and handful of almonds or raisins just won't cut it, look no further than the Muesli Cupcake!

I've modified the original recipe cutting out the 100g of sugar and 80g of butter, and replaced it with sunflower oil and Agave Syrup (its still gotta be tasty) which is low GI and naturally sweet. Also I've subbed the milk for soy milk (cows milk intolerance!) and hey presto in 15mins you have the biscuit cakey fix you crave without any of the guilt or the sugar come down later! And they also look quite cute on my dresser...

Okay okay, I admit they are never going to match your Hummingbirds or your Lola's in the cupcake stakes but least you can have THREE!!!

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