Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Feeling peachy!

Seeing as tho we are having a pretty much having a washout summer, I decided to cheer myself up with a nice peachy/coral lipstick from Barry M.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Liquid lunch anyone?

A dear friend has lent me her Juicer and Jason Vale 3 Day Juice Detox Master Book and out of curosity and competitive spirit (this same friend only last a morning on the 3day juice detox!!!) I decided to give it a go and see what this juicing was all about.
It advocates a cleanse of your whole system flushing out toxins and eliminating the urges for caffeine and junk food plus a flatter what's not to like about that?!
So I started it on a Monday and finished it on the Wednesday night, and the juices actually taste great, the worst time of day is about 4-5pm but it's really not too bad at all. Yes of course you feel a bit hungry and tired but I must say if has completely eradicated my morning coffee urges, and eating unhealthy food actually makes me feel quite sick now also my portion sizes for carbs are much smaller now and I feel like my body has been completely reset itself to how it should feel towards food and how it digests it telling me what to stay clear of and what is good for me.

Going forward I'm definately going to drink a glass of fresh juice a day as the quick intake of nutrients and vitamins is far better than any Berroca tablet! But juicing isn't a replacement of a balanced diet as the fruit and vegetable enzymes can damage your teeth so make sure you brush after every glass, last thing you want is great skin and no teeth!
I would definately recommend to do the 3 day detox again especially after any heavy weekend or holiday, or just to get yourself back on track to a healthy eating plan.

RayBan Lifted

I was undecided whether to get on the RayBan-wagon but it's got to be said, they are effortlessly cool and iconic. So I have opted to start collecting vintage RayBans in a bid to keep my individuality while embracing the only eyewear of the summer!

Also I have to post my 'belated' but gorgeous anniversary present from my husband, diamonds really are a girls best friend...

Next on my vintage wish list is a Cameo ring and pendant, I've seen some nice ones down the lanes in Brighton but with the price of gold nowadays I might have to sell a kidney.

Saturday, 25 June 2011


There are so many things I wanna buy as soon as the summer properly kicks in (if it ever does?!!) I'm particularly loving all the native tribal printed shorts, jumpsuits and trousers clashed with block colours or even other prints (although not for the faint hearted)!

Other obsessions would have be printed trousers, I'm yet to try the palazzo pants as much as I love them even sporting seriously mega wedges I think I'm alittle too short to pull it off BUT I am loving the tapered printed versions, rocked with a killer heel for night time partying or played down with gladiator or bejewelled sandals.

And then if the sun really does stay out to play I'm going to definitely pick up some deliciously girly scalloped hem shorts in pastel brights.

With all these summer beauties to be had, I had better get started on my summer sun dance right away!!

Over and out my lovelies...!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Far From Your Average Vintage Website!

Two of my beautiful friends have just launched their first new clothing venture called Far From Dated. Not only does it showcase the girls eclectic style but this vintage haven of desirable pieces from the decades we lust after is now available for us to purchase at incredible prices.

The stock is coming in thick and fast and offering a great range of sizes and options from dresses, tops, bottoms, outwear and accessories.

Check it out now and BUY BUY BUY!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

This week's finds...!

Luckily for me I live very close to several good vintage shops where you can stumble across some beautiful pieces for your home or wardrobe, this week I found this fabulous dress, the print was right on trend and the cut was totally cute and girly.

I also found this amazing tribal maxi-skirt which was so fun and colourful I just had to get it...!

Now all I need is some sunny weather!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Healthy Cupcake...surely not?!

You know those times in the afternoon when you just really want a cake or a biscuit with your freshly brewed cuppa, but your trying to be good and handful of almonds or raisins just won't cut it, look no further than the Muesli Cupcake!

I've modified the original recipe cutting out the 100g of sugar and 80g of butter, and replaced it with sunflower oil and Agave Syrup (its still gotta be tasty) which is low GI and naturally sweet. Also I've subbed the milk for soy milk (cows milk intolerance!) and hey presto in 15mins you have the biscuit cakey fix you crave without any of the guilt or the sugar come down later! And they also look quite cute on my dresser...

Okay okay, I admit they are never going to match your Hummingbirds or your Lola's in the cupcake stakes but least you can have THREE!!!